08 August, 2013

DIY: Ombre Top

Hello Lovelies! 
Just squeezing another cheeky DIY in! This one has been waiting a long time to go up tbh. So earlier this Summer me and Sean created these beautiful ombre styled tops! And I thought I'd share how we did it :) 


A Cotton Top (recommend white)
Hot/very warm water
Poking stick
Acrylic Paint (colour of your choice)
A large bucket or container.

1.) Mix about 1 tablespoon of acrylic colour(s) in the bottom of the container (remove lumps) until you get the colour you want... add more colour depending on how strong you want it. Remember when you add water you are diluting it, so the colour will be a lot paler on the top. Add the water. Add a sensible amount to the acrylic, make sure it's enough to dip half your top in. Then add about a table spoon of salt and mix :)!
We created a bluey/greeney colour first! 
2.) Then dip one half of the top in... leave for 15-20 mins
 3.) Hang that badboy up to dry!

4.) Get cracking mixing the other colour (optional) by repeating step 1. Then dip the other half of the top.

  5.) When you've done dying the tops whack em on the line to dry and BAM you're done :D 

Sadly I didn't manage to get a picture of them when they were done... and us both wearing them! But I know Sean plays tennis in his and I style mine with leggings :) 
TOP TIP: I would use quite a bit of acrylic, the colour will be a lot more bolder then!

Hope you enjoy! 

M x