25 August, 2013

Small Zante Haul!

Me again! (Feels like I’m invading this blog but Morag is still in town and intact, I can assure you! Haha! ;))
So whilst in Zante, I picked up a couple of small bits and bobs on my second to last day there before heading home!

The Ray Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses- 4 Euros each

(NOTE: these are not genuine!)
I picked these Apple Green Rubber Matte ones up because of this awesome monochromatic glowing graffiti design that it has imprinted on the side, which in turn offers this uber quirky eeriness to any outfit! And I couldn’t resist letting go of yet another 4 Euros for this time, a taxi yellow block coloured pair! Oh yes! :D Plus they’re pretty hard to miss if you’re going into any touristy shop in Zante!

The Hard To Resist Jewellery- 1 Euro-4 Euros each

Its official…I’ve rekindled my relationship with anklets! :D After sighting this silver one with these beautiful stoned sea creature charms, an outfit just sprouted in my mind- so you’ll most probably be seeing this in a next outfit post! ;)
Think outside the box…I’m thinking avec socks! :D

The Fridge Magnet- 2 Euros
Our fridge is gathering up a rather sentimental display of fridge magnets…one more can’t hurt! :P

Hope you guys are making the most of the rest of your summer!! Can’t believe it’s nearly over!