11 September, 2013

Rockstar? NATTTTTT (outfit post)

Denim Jacket: Trader
Peter pan collar shirt: Primark
Lace shorts: H&M
Tights: Forever 21

Helllllooooo, hope everyone is well!

Just a quick update from me! I must say that I often get "novelty" tights (in my opinion anything that isn't plain is novelty) and I struggle to match them with my clothes. So I think I managed to pair them with my most recent pair of lace shorts from H&M, and Primark shirt and (drum roll please) the staple denim jacket! Personally I don't normally wear this sort of style... but I thought it was a good idea to experiment a little with the tights, as I don't really wear them much! Hope you're having a good week so far! THANKYOU FOR OUR 100 FOLLOWERS! Julie should have a post soon on that, so stay tuned ;) 

PS any tips in matching these tights is appreciated!

Morag x