19 November, 2013

Holiday packing- A/W edition

So back in August I did this post before flying to Zante and thought to do this once again, though this time channelling it towards the colder end months of travel. I’m heading to Venice with my art foundation class and typical me am packing last minute with it literally being the day before :/ oops haha! ;)

Go for full length fleece/flannel pyjamas! You won’t regret it ;)
Set outfits with interchangeable pieces to make…yet more outfits! For the 4 days I’m there, I picked out 3 of my most insulating pieces of outerwear! Most essential! :)

Fluffy socks and socks to layer are crucial for the plummeting climate!
PS: As for shoes I am bringing my black boots which I should be wearing! :) Gosh I’m imagining going barefoot in Venice might draw…well just a few looks! ;)

I recommend dividing your money into around 3 different compartments. Also just had to add that Tatler magazine are giving away a Markus Lupfer clutch in the colours orange and nude!! Go grab it I say :D
Finally electricals! Oh and the adapter D: I must pack that!

Hope you guys have a lovely week! Speak to you soon! :D