28 December, 2013

Christmas 2013

I'm not trying to brag, just a few things I got for Christmas ;) 

Hope everyone had a good one :)

Morag x

26 December, 2013

Christmas day!

Inspired by Bela Borsodi

Oh dear, Dec's face...D:

Phone case from Babesupply design, Etsy

So I very rarely dress up on Christmas day, though this year, the powder blue scarf given to me by my sister changed everything! It is the perfect shade of blue to pair with those pastel hues, so this year, let’s just ditch the red and green…I’m going all out in pastels! ;) Its fuzzy abstract take on the sharp edge lapel makes for an intriguing collar too! Anyway, midway through watching Ant and Dec’s Christmas show- the choir part was hilarious by the way!!! Followed by Tangled, Chalet Girl & Love Actually, I was interrupted by the entrĂ©e of, the Etsy phone case, which I had ordered for my newly bought phone- my last phone lasted me 7 years…can you believe it!? I was in love with this case as it reminded me of the elaborate yet destructive display of Jessica Jackson Hutchin's ceramic armchair mixed with with my profound love for Paul Ranson’s Tapestry work (Check out Alpha and Omega Tapestry, 1895!) Moving on…

I hope everyone had a brilliant, fun Christmas! What did you guys receive/wear? I’d love to hear!

25 December, 2013


To all our followers,


Hope you have a great Christmas!!! Junk Journal will be returning soon with new posts, giveaways and more! Feel free to leave comments of what you would like to see more of in the future :)


Morag & Julie 

22 December, 2013

Christmas is Coming :)!

Hey everyone!!!
So as everyone knows Christmas is almost here! and here I have a few decorating tips to maybe make you feel more festive! The main thing is fairy lights and ball balls :)! Hope you all have a fabulous Christmas and are ready for Christmas :)!!!!Morag x PS make sure to use our new like, love or dislike buttons :)

19 December, 2013

Busy schedule inc haul (House of Junk Journal is now live!)

Got round to creating the House of Junk Journal fashion extended blog- for a journey into my creations! Check it out if you wish at: http://houseofjunkjournalfashion.blogspot.co.uk/
Saw this Fendi ad in Elle Magazine and was inspired to do a shoot with a similar concept of draping beautifully light fabrics to create airy, unheard of shapes that deform our perception of the human body (ah Gareth Pugh, you totally have inspired me! ;))



No college (teacher’s training) haha I did not skive!
Went Christmas Shopping for others and myself and picked up two items from Urban Outfitters (Renewal) and a little something from a charity shop (actually bought on Tuesday). Popped into Selfridges and was literally drooling over Mary Karantzou’s ethereal city and landscape articles as well as Roksanda Ilincic futuristically embellished-in-plastic jersey top!  Also my battery went dead when I reached Moncler’s mesmerizing gem cluster filled white puffer coat- obviously too overcome with bewilderment as was I! Haha! ;)
Met up with some friends and headed to the Paul Smith exhibition! It was amazing and will aim to post more on HOJJfashion!

Hope you guys are keeping busy with fun stuff to do for Christmas!! :D


15 December, 2013

Winter Lips:

Hey everyone,
so it's got to that Christmassy time of year again! yay! where our lips tend to crack quite a bit. So I have a few of my Autumn/Winter favourites to share :)! 

 So this Lip stain by Rimmel London, is probably my favourite lip colour atm. It's a very bright Christmassy red. :) Another great thing to the colour is the fact it stays on for ages and it is also similar to a balm so glides on super easy!

This is probably more of a Summer favourite however I have been wearing it the odd time or so atm. It's the Rimmel London lipstick which I don't think they do anymore, however it is a coral colour and also glides on super easy, the colour doesn't last as long as their stain.

Yet another Rimmel London lipstick however a deeper red. This is just one of their classic lipsticks and I would recommend a gloss over it to make it pop a bit more :)

 If you don't feel daring enough for a red lipstick, natural collection do some beautiful natural tones with a little shimmer as lipsticks. My all year obsession is this bronze coloured one from them. It's cheap and glides on a treat.. perfect!

On the other hand if you feel super daring you could use a dark purple, this one is by 17. It's a really deep purple colour, downside is that it gets everywhere! 

My ultimate favourite lip gloss is this Rimmel London Vinyl Gloss it is quite sticky but it makes your lips a bit plumper and it puts a nice shine to your lips either natural or on top of lipstick.

And for no lipstick days I would wear my baby lips, lip balm as it has a little bit of a tone, glides on nicely and lasts ages. 

Hope you found this helpful!
10 days to go!!
Morag x

09 December, 2013

My 'Messy' Room

Shifting the 'mess'

I was looking for inspiration for this next blog post and it suddenly came to me when my mum shouted quite heatedly: ‘tidy up that studio of yours!’ Firstly I’ve never really considered my room as such and still don’t regard it as one and secondly… how possibly is this messy? Perhaps a crazy mass accumulation of random and colourful paraphernalia organised with precision and love but to call it the M’ word :O – I put time and effort into this mother! ;)
Also I’m rather sentimental if you ask me, keeping hold of my ‘Dick King Smith’ series of books and not to mention those ‘Roald Dahl’ ones too! I also was in love with ‘Goosebumps’ and ‘The Series of Unfortunate events'…ah the days! :D
Nowadays I stay up late reading Vogue and Elle and have just subscribed to V magazine which I love and highly recommend! :D I also just picked up some ‘to be read’ fashion related hardbacks from the library for this month which should keep me super busy!

What books are you guys into? I’d love to know!
Hope you’re all well and, I guess, over to you Morag! ;)

PS: Only 16 days till Christmas guys!! :D