19 December, 2013

Busy schedule inc haul (House of Junk Journal is now live!)

Got round to creating the House of Junk Journal fashion extended blog- for a journey into my creations! Check it out if you wish at: http://houseofjunkjournalfashion.blogspot.co.uk/
Saw this Fendi ad in Elle Magazine and was inspired to do a shoot with a similar concept of draping beautifully light fabrics to create airy, unheard of shapes that deform our perception of the human body (ah Gareth Pugh, you totally have inspired me! ;))



No college (teacher’s training) haha I did not skive!
Went Christmas Shopping for others and myself and picked up two items from Urban Outfitters (Renewal) and a little something from a charity shop (actually bought on Tuesday). Popped into Selfridges and was literally drooling over Mary Karantzou’s ethereal city and landscape articles as well as Roksanda Ilincic futuristically embellished-in-plastic jersey top!  Also my battery went dead when I reached Moncler’s mesmerizing gem cluster filled white puffer coat- obviously too overcome with bewilderment as was I! Haha! ;)
Met up with some friends and headed to the Paul Smith exhibition! It was amazing and will aim to post more on HOJJfashion!

Hope you guys are keeping busy with fun stuff to do for Christmas!! :D