09 December, 2013

My 'Messy' Room

Shifting the 'mess'

I was looking for inspiration for this next blog post and it suddenly came to me when my mum shouted quite heatedly: ‘tidy up that studio of yours!’ Firstly I’ve never really considered my room as such and still don’t regard it as one and secondly… how possibly is this messy? Perhaps a crazy mass accumulation of random and colourful paraphernalia organised with precision and love but to call it the M’ word :O – I put time and effort into this mother! ;)
Also I’m rather sentimental if you ask me, keeping hold of my ‘Dick King Smith’ series of books and not to mention those ‘Roald Dahl’ ones too! I also was in love with ‘Goosebumps’ and ‘The Series of Unfortunate events'…ah the days! :D
Nowadays I stay up late reading Vogue and Elle and have just subscribed to V magazine which I love and highly recommend! :D I also just picked up some ‘to be read’ fashion related hardbacks from the library for this month which should keep me super busy!

What books are you guys into? I’d love to know!
Hope you’re all well and, I guess, over to you Morag! ;)

PS: Only 16 days till Christmas guys!! :D