30 July, 2013

1.) Checked Wet Look Tube Pants River Island £35.00 - I think these look really cool and despite checks being a big thing last year, I'm so tempted to relive the moment in these retro badboys! they would look so good matched with a plain white or black top! 
2.) Beanie River Island £10 - I don't really wear hats often, but I'm pretty sure I would wear this one as it looks so snug :') 
3.) Baseball T-shirt ASOS £12 - Really plain, basic and casual. An Essential I lack. Plus this one looks quite comfy/boyfriend/sporty - perfect!
4.) Spotty Tights ASOS £8 - Okay so when we go out in Autumn/Winter we all whack out the LBD and these tights will just finish the look off perfectly :)!!!
5.) Pattern knit jumper H&M £19.99 - so I don't own many nice jumpers. My Black Topshop one gets a bit over worn... so this is a perfect alternative for me! 
6.) Waxed Parka Jacket River Island £70 - I don't care if this Waxed coats aren't a trend this year but me and my Mum were goggling over one we saw in Tesco's and it was the comfiest and warmest thing I HAVE EVER WORN. It also had so many styles packed into one coat. I would totally recommend one, the good thing about the one I found here, it's in a Parka style which fits in with last years trend as well. All in all - love love LOVE. 
7.) Ankle Boots H&M £24.99 - So these look a bit old school... but I like that. I can see myself wearing these all the time :)!!!

Hope you've having a nice week!

M x

29 July, 2013

Sweeten up your summer!

Here are a few things I’ve become perhaps a little too hooked on since entering those summer days! ;) Ever had that when you’re constantly reaching for the same thing…and then it’s, well gone!?
Number one: SCRABBLE! – Can you help us? ;) Haha! I’ve also recently rediscovered my obsession with JELLY BEANS…though not just any, oh yes, the traditional gourmet ones! :D   
Fancy as it sounds, I’m only there and grabbing it from the shop’s shelf, staring wide eyed at it like a 5-year-old kid because it contains the most ‘coolest’ flavours. A bit like the Harry Potter’s ‘Every Flavour Beans’ but let’s call it…the Muggle version!
From left: B 322, LYCHEE 314, GUAVA 321, KEY LIME 321

And of course I found any excuse to include these ‘GELLY’ NAIL PAINTS with it being a AHEM* homophone (haha, get me ;)) but the pigmentation and application of these are really just fantastic! Thank you Barry M for this great range of polishes! :)

…then there’s NECKLACES! Gold, Silver, fabric, shiny…aah! I end up brushing my hand over the iridescent fish scale sequins, the multicolour zebra feather and silky fabric a little too excessively- bit inappropriate I know :L ;) but you’ve gotta appreciate it’s craftsmanship and aesthetics somehow! 

Jewellery from top: GOLD NECKLACE, TOPSHOP, £12

As for make-up...the bronzer lives up to its expectations! I actually apply it as a blusher these days (sorry Revlon PhotoReady cream blusher in 100…it was about time :P) to give that slightly shimmery desirable bronzed look. Also I go for a BB cream or reach for my foundation with SPF in, particularly my Revlon PhotoReady foundation which has SPF20 in J 

Lastly the RAFFIA VISOR! Oh and the, once again, gold baseball cap (sorry, you’ve seen the gold cap rather repetitively in previous posts :L) It has a sense of the summer sport, tennis…yay to Andy Murray’s win :D and is a textured funky piece of headgear that will protect you against those harmful sun rays!

                     VISOR, PRIMARK, £2
And how about a cold drink to finish off the blog post :D

Hope your summer’s going well and would love to hear what everyone’s ‘go to’ random things are for the summer too! So leave a comment if you wish! :D

25 July, 2013

DIY: Floral Crown

Hey Lovelies! basically I adore making these beautiful crowns to sit on my head all day. I've put together a small tutorial and tips :) it does involve wire, wire cutters, and paper flowers attached to wire. (pre bought like that) 

finished result:(made 3...)

Hope you have as much fun as I did with this DIY! let me know how you get on :)
M x

23 July, 2013

Dress with Specs B)

Hey guys!
So this was the very first shoot where I could actually see, and I have to say… :O dude have I been missing out on the tiniest of details that go on in my hometown! Haha! Whenever I am without my glasses, there is always that awkward moment of someone waving manically at you, in turn causing you to endlessly squint at that person so that I might as well be classed as admittedly ‘a bit of a weirdo’ ;)

So the glasses I wear literally all the time AHEM* ‘suppose to’ shall we rephrase it to haha are FCUK squared tortoiseshell frames. I wanted to bring some summer swagger into this with the gold leather cap (oh yes to all of you glasses wearers out there ;) ) aiming to move away from the typical association that glasses have to ‘geek chic’ or ‘smart office wear’. So with a plainer style pair of glasses, I also extracted patterned pieces including a floral abstract halter neck top worn under my mum’s striped baggy cardigan and accompanied it with gold and bronze nature related jewellery!
Floral abstract halter neck, Tesco, £8
Striped cardigan, surreptitiously borrowed from mum ;)
Black knicker shorts, H&M, £15
Black thread necklace, Local Market, £1
Gold long whistle necklace, H&M (sale), £5
Leaf wrap ring, ALDO (sale), £3
Encaged stone ring, Miss Selfridge (sale), £5

Hope you guys are all well!

20 July, 2013

Do I Wanna Know? (Outfit Post)

Dungarees: Glamourous
Top: Topshop
Necklace: Made By My Sister
High Tops: Converse

Hello Lovelies! I thought we were getting a bit out of control on the DIYS! (Still more to come!) So I decided to do an outfit post this time. So yeah I'm currently listening to this new track from the Artic Monkeys and i'm loving it! sadly I didn't get tickets for their latest tour :( Sorry I've not been too up to date on the blog atm it's been a busy week :/!

ANYWAY to the outfit! I got these Dungarees a couple of weeks ago and wore them for the first time today! I love them, they have a beautiful acid wash on them - which I love denim with an acid wash, so it was perfect <3 The top I bought quite a while ago from Topshop at the time I was really into those rich in cotton tops, AKA some of the most comfiest tops in the world. For this outfit though I wanted something plain behind the dungarees. I think crop tops go better with dungarees however my figure isn't the most appealing for showing my stomach off! so I settled with a plain top, which made me happy and comfy :) My Necklace was a birthday present handmade from my sister. She has a beautiful talent at making jewellery and hopefully she'll start a business one day! but I thought it would really go well with this look. To top off the look I whacked my bright red Converse on which added extra slouch and comfort to the look. 

Hope you're all having a lovely Saturday :) 

M x 

16 July, 2013

DIY: (Part 2) Make old summer jewellery into NEW!

Part two...as promised! :D
So I was thinking: What could make a bracelet eye-catching? And then it came to me! Embellish it with as many ‘sparkly’ things that I can get my hands on as possible! You can imagine how shocked my family was when I leapt in the air and did a slight boogie after coming across, the brooch, and the clip-on earring- only joking that didn’t happen at all ;) well...
‘The brooch and the bracelet’
Set of 3 Bug brooches, Accessories (sale), £5
Pastel thread bracelet, Miss Selfridge (sale), £5
Additional: Paper clips

Check out what just got attracted to the bracelet...oh yes, a bee haha ;)

 ‘The clip-on earring’ and ‘the bracelet’
Yellow flower clip-on earrings, ASOS, £7
White rope, Masons, £1
Additional: Beads/charms, Zip, (Hook and) Bar, Clothes peg, PVA glue and acrylic paint 

Simply clip the earring on and for an oriental touch, use a bristly brush and blotch on flowers using red and white paint.

Sorry this blog post was a little longer than usual but hope you guys are all having a great day! :)


14 July, 2013

My 18th:

So I thought I would share some photo's from my 18th Birthday... which was yesterday! :)


SO, overall I had a really good day. It was quite chilled unlike most people's 18ths I guess, but I don't want to be too mainstream ;) Me and my boyfriend had a go at doing some ombre shirts. (DIY soon to come) and we went out for dinner. I had the most amazing handmade chocolate mousse cake. My sister made me a cute necklace and bought me a nail design kit, and my brothers got me a beautiful Swarovski necklace. Yeah so this is really just a few pics from the day. Hope you all have been enjoying the good weather.

M x 

11 July, 2013

DIY: Make old summer jewellery into NEW!

Hey guys! So I was struck down with, yet again, an empty purse… so I decided to get inventive!
Here I have combined a ring and necklace to make Uno- what I like to call, a ringlace! Ooh or a neckring- D: somehow that doesn’t sound quite right but anyway :D here’s how you make it:

Left: Gold eye ring, H&M (sale) £3 + Gold star necklace, Topshop (sale) £5
Right: Silver hamsa hand ring, Miss Selfridge (sale) £2 + Silver ‘J’ necklace, Gift
 You can try out using any old rings or necklaces that you have that complement each other!
First tie a knot around your chosen ring with the necklace chain. Oh and make sure each of the chain’s ends are the same length! 

Next, start by taking one end of the chain and loop this repetitively around the ring until this is no way possible anymore! Do the same with the other end (looping in the opposite direction to before). Secure it with the clippy thing? - Haha how professional sounding! And

Voila! The neckri- I mean your ‘new revamped ring’, should I say instead haha, is complete!! :D

Have fun making yours! We’ll be back with a part 2 of the DIY combo type post very soon!
Hope you guys are having a great day…its soo sunny!! ;)