29 November, 2013


Just a quick post from me! I am back from an amazing 4 days in Venice which was compact with pleasurable trips to the art galleries and museums along with some great nights out! I have accumulated so many images taken within the Punta and Biennale and am almost thinking of creating another side blog based purely on My Life In Art? – Thoughts anyone? :P
I suppose Junk Journal could be considered more of a quite rounded lifestyle blog and so I want to give everyone something slightly more defined elsewhere that epitomises particularly fashion with art inspiration sources and personal art work/garment creations implemented alongside as this may not be to everyone’s interest.
Anyhow, have any of you guys watched Death in Venice? I was so inspired by Visconti’s visuals that literally if you were to freeze a shot at any moment, the whole composition would be stunningly perfect! Took some of my own in his style (shown above) and may I just take this time to add that I am freaking in love with Tadzio's character!! :D
I also picked up some 100% silk fabric at a discounted price- the man in there was so lovely! Thanks pal! ;)
Hope everyone is well,


26 November, 2013

How To Wear Ellie Goulding's Style:

An Affordable Version of What She Wears:
1.) Elisha Sequin cut out maxi - Missguided £64.99
2.) Baseball Jacket - H&M £29.99
3.) Mesh Body - Topshop £20.00
4.) Mesh Dress - H&M £14.99
5.) Vintage Leather Shorts - ASOS £65.00

Morag x

24 November, 2013



quick little update again! I JUST GOT INSTAGRAM make sure you follow me @morag_fungi and I'll be sure to follow you back :) I have links on the blog if you can't find me ;) If I don't follow you back tonight I will do it tomorrow! Also be sure to follow me on twitter morag_fungi 

Hope everyone had a good weekend! 
Morag x

PS. I will try to lead an interesting life to photograph for you ;) 


21 November, 2013

Can't Touch This: (outfit post)

Hey everyone,
so Julie has gone to Venice for a week.. so you're left with my company ;) Just thought I would give you a quick outfit post :) 
Yeah, still at uni ;) anyways to the outfit. I am in love with this really soft cotton top from zara, it's my go to top atm and goes with everything! 

 So I also have these ASOS tights which I tend to wear in autumn winter as they are so thick :P and as for my skirt it is actually from Primark! It's a wetlook/leather look one. Very versatile, just like the usual denim jacket I wear ;) and to top of the look for a more Autumn feel I shoved a lovely chunky knit scarf from ASOS on... AND I WAS COMMMMFFFYYYYYY :D
Oh and these heels are pretty high... hey ho ;) They're from New Look :) 
So as for a quick update from me, it's getting pretty close to Christmas and the market in Southampton is just too cute! Hope everyone's Christmas shopping is going well! I'm so close to finishing it! I'm very excited to be coming home in 3 weeks too, I have been feeling very homesick these past couple of weeks and I have been taking it out on people I love most, which is not very good :(! ANYWAY me and Julie have set each other the task of making each others Christmas presents this year! so hopefully we'll have some cheap gift idea's or DIY tutorials up soon to help you if you're stuck!

Happy Thursday :)

Morag x

19 November, 2013

Holiday packing- A/W edition

So back in August I did this post before flying to Zante and thought to do this once again, though this time channelling it towards the colder end months of travel. I’m heading to Venice with my art foundation class and typical me am packing last minute with it literally being the day before :/ oops haha! ;)

Go for full length fleece/flannel pyjamas! You won’t regret it ;)
Set outfits with interchangeable pieces to make…yet more outfits! For the 4 days I’m there, I picked out 3 of my most insulating pieces of outerwear! Most essential! :)

Fluffy socks and socks to layer are crucial for the plummeting climate!
PS: As for shoes I am bringing my black boots which I should be wearing! :) Gosh I’m imagining going barefoot in Venice might draw…well just a few looks! ;)

I recommend dividing your money into around 3 different compartments. Also just had to add that Tatler magazine are giving away a Markus Lupfer clutch in the colours orange and nude!! Go grab it I say :D
Finally electricals! Oh and the adapter D: I must pack that!

Hope you guys have a lovely week! Speak to you soon! :D



18 November, 2013


1.) ASOS £35
2.) New Look £19.99
3.) New Look £27.99
4.) Topshop £42
5.) River Island £35
6.) New Look £22.99

So with Christmas round the corner I thought it would be good to pick out my favourite Christmas Jumpers. New Look seems to have a pretty good range atm! :) Remember to stay snug this Christmas and over the next few weeks we'll be showing you how we get ready for Christmas :) 

Morag x

14 November, 2013

London Haul

Following on from my last post, I did in fact hit Oxford Street for a slight bit of late night shopping! Whoops ;) But the lanterns made it look every bit stunning against the overcast sky :) ah, how could I have just left then?

I entered Selfridges which always manages to please and soon came face-to face with Gareth Pugh A/W 2013 finale pieces, hand woven and made entirely of bin bags! I felt it rather whimsical. Exquisite and inspiring. Selfridges is presenting itself as quite an exhibit!

Alexander McQueen

Here’s what I bought:
Leopard Print Purse, Monki, £6

Shiny Red Diagonal Strap Gym Bag, American Apparel (sale), £14
Holographic stone necklace, Monki (sale), £5

And here's what Lisa bought:

From left to right:
Camel fluffy top, Topshop (sale), £4
Plaited headband, Topshop, £10
Ring, Topshop, £3.15
Trine Backpack, Monki, £25

Rebel Denim Jacket, Forever21, £32.75

Hope everyone is well :)

12 November, 2013


1.) Flat Roast Dinner brings me back to reality :) 
2.) £1 Slushie: I had pina colada, pineapple, and strawberry mmmm <3
3.) New hair colour, and coat... photography lesson
4.) Trying to be healthy
5.) Re-did the Junk Journal header... after an inspirational lecture. Hope you like, opinions please!
6.) Being a flower child <3
7.) Night time car journeys are the best
8.) Christmas market is setting up in Southampton :) cute fairground ride!

Hope everyone has had a good start to their week :)
Morag x

10 November, 2013

My Journey into London

Recently I’ve been visiting university open days with a few more on my list to go to. On this particular day I went to check out two of London’s most prestigious, Central St Martin’s plus Westminster University.
On my way to London I became buried into ‘The Hunger Games’ which was SO gripping! Turns out 48 hours had passed and I had finished the whole darn thing D: I mean how the heck did that happen?! ;)
 I also had one of those flash spontaneous moments, remembering that the Great Gatsby was out on DVD soon…YES! I was on it! ;)

Pumpkin spiced latte is hyped up way too much! Am I the only one who finds it rather distasteful? :/
Hmm, saw this when I stepped off the underground…not gonna lie but it's a bit of an odd thing to smile about! ;)

Hope you guys are having a great week! If you guys have been to or are at university then I'd love to hear about your experiences! :D