09 February, 2014

Valentines Check List:

Hey everyone! so as we know Valentines Day is in 5 DAYS!!!! so if you're going out with your lover, your mates or having a night in here's some of what I might chose to wear/use and why :) 

1.) Catalina Dress - Motel - £38. Perfect for if you're going out, the off shoulder cut adds the unique style to the dress. (Also a good skin tease ;) )
2.) Fresh Cut Roses Yankee Candle - £16.99. I love the smell of roses, and would always recommend a nice candle to fill the room up with a nice scent :)
3.) Topshop - £28. Topshop do some really nice underwear atm, and everyone loves new underwear. 
4.) Apocalips Rimmel - £5.99. I love bright lip colours, and apocalips is a really pigmented gloss, perfect for a night out, or even at work/school/college. 
5.) Lovebirds - Hotel Chocolat - £11. Staying in or in need of a gift, can't ever go wrong with some choccies ;) 
6.) Sex Bomb - Lush - £3.25. I love this bath bomb so much! It is definitely one of their best, if you have not tried it you need to! It's got a really musky scent and I'd recommend a nice Lush bath for a night in :) maybe whack the candles out and watch a film after... perfect ;)
7.) Atlas Mountain Rose Fragrance- Body Shop - £7.50.  The body shop do a range of natural scents, and this rose one is my favourite. It's cheap too! A nice rose scent on Valentines day is bound to go down a treat :D

Happy Sundayyyy!

Morag x