19 March, 2014

Happy Happenings



A 'Bloom' event took place at work and I was after allowed to bring home these bunch of beautiful white roses :')//
Received a package for my next product review//
Watched 'The Great Beauty' and thought it was such a sensational masterpiece- magical, full of life and deliriously weird in some parts//
Received my order of a pair of glamorous checkerboard heels (I'm head over heels in love- s'cuse the pun ;))//

 Watched 'Spike Island' which leaves you with the similar surge of passion and drive//
Had a small nosy in Rokit//

Travelled in the dreaded early mornings for university interviews, though with stunning sky lines!//
Working on a fashion garment for college show//
Went to Giraffe for my colleague's leaving do :( -sent off with love... and a burger and fries for us all :D Haha//
Hope all is well and apologies for the late post!