05 May, 2014

Feeling Content.

So we're starting to see the Sun now,
and I'm coming to the end of my first crazy year at uni. Time has flown by. (Good luck to anyone taking any exams over the next month or so) However as it has come to near the end of my first uni year, I thought I would share with you a few experiences, life lessons and maybe even some motivation.

Uni has taught me many things. Number one it has taught me how to survive on a set amount of money. Number two to be confident, to not be that shy girl, as much as I love to hibernate away from everyone, when you get completely thrown out of your comfort zone with all your friends and family miles away, you have to open up to new people. The people who I have met at Uni are some of the best people I know, the other great thing about Uni or college is there is always a place for you, because most people there have grown up, you don't find as many judgemental people. People just accept you, and that feels great. Therefore if you have the opportunity or the chance, go to university. Especially if you're not sure of a career path yet. I definitely feel like I haven't wasted a single moment being at uni. 

The friends I have, and keep close are the sort of friends I can rely on for anything. The same goes for my wonderful man, who sticks by me even when I'm a grump. The man who is there to share every good and bad moment with, and accepted me from when I was that shy girl. For the blog me and one of my oldest friends started which although doesn't have too many followers, feels like a success as it gets our opinions across. The main point here is people do come and go out of your life, and that's just something to accept. 

So I called this post. Feeling Content. Simply due to the fact I feel content. I'm happy. I've settled into new friendship groups, whilst still cherishing a few old. I have a wonderful boyfriend. I'm doing a course that makes me want to learn more each second, and excites me for the future, and I'm slowly becoming more independent. I'm also excited for a long Summer soon to be full of good memories, and to share these memories with you... well most of them ;)

Unlike most of my posts this was pretty deep; hope you still liked it :)

Morag x       

(It was a one off)