10 July, 2014

Fairy Tales and Silver Ice-cream

Me and my sister, Lisa (left) in the car...
 Pitt stop at TK Maxx!
Quick stop for a Chai Latte and Mint, Green Tea Cooler

Settled down with food from our brief shop at Sainsbury's for a long night of watching films!
 Magnum is celebrating 25 years with Silver Champagne Ice-Cream :O
 I am in love!
With many of this season's catwalks focusing on 'spellbinding story tell', it got me thinking: 'What would my dream fairy-tale dress look like?' And indeed it would, and did, come at a price- this dusky rose, marbled dress with the most delicate and feminine of slashes is far from a 'rip off', with the such fine, incredible detail justifying the price! Though the price-tag ,with a RRP of around £1000 ,and, now on sale for £300, was still way out of my budget by miles! So,for now, changing room snaps will happily provide the memoir of this once upon a time fairy-tale dress!
Have a lovely day,