29 September, 2014

London Fashion Weekend- A Visit On the Wednesday


So it was another trip out to Somerset House on Wednesday for the London Fashion Weekend event- if you'd like to check out my blog posts with last year's account, here are the links:
This was my first ever time attending a live and public catwalk- it being the trend catwalk styled by the OUTNET.COM. My problem was seeing a lot of it on a tiny hand-held device, something I must resist doing next time in order to get the full, proper experience. Though what I vividly remember are the model's sleek pony-tails, whipping the air and concussing us with fabulous cascades of drapes and juicy, delicious hues. My favourite was one within the 'One and Only' collection- a scarlet velvet almost one sleeved bolero on the upper half, sliced diagonally at the hem, with a backside panel of tangerine, coral dropped low peplum, and compensated white long sleeve which made up the most functional, fitting and flirtatious of dresses, with a sense of royal maturity coming through. I need it...but I don't!
I hope everyone's had a lovely week and let me know if you attended this event and what you thought of it,
Lots of Love,

22 September, 2014

My New Room.

Hello again me lovelies,
so I am now back in Southampton, and as a little update I thought I would share with you, my new room. I love it, and I'm so not used to the comfort of a double bed! I also sadly do not have wifi at the mo either. So this means I am currently sponging of my friends Internet! yayyy! :) It is the scariest thing, moving into a house, such a big step compared to my last year of uni. Bills, council tax, and rent are the scariest things! I feel so grown up! and to add to all this sudden change, I decided to get half my hair hacked off!! I felt like a change and therefore asked for more off than usual! I tell you I am appreciating saving money on shampoo and conditioner as well! Short hair is just so much easier sometimes :)

hope you all have a great week ahead, I hope to blog again soon :)

Morag x

18 September, 2014

Preparing Clothes and Beauty for Uni:

1.) Inlovewithfashion- Floral Crop top. £30. I would suggest this because number one Inlovewithfashion offer a 15% student discount, and also a crop top is perfect for so many occasions you can style them how you like. If it was me I would style this gorgeous floral pattern with high waisted black jeans and a cardi. A great staple for uni that would get many wears.

2.)Motel Debbie - off shoulder dress. £35 plus 25% student discount. If you are new to university you will probably end up going to a few freshers events, or if you're not going to uni, this would also be a great going out dress. An unmistakable pattern, with a figure hugging shape perfect to dance in. Also giving quite a sexy look with the off shoulder cut.

3.)  Topshop - button front cami. £12 on sale. This again is another perfect staple that can be dressed up and down. I would style it tucked into a black midi skirt.

4.) Topshop - Dogtooth leggings £25 plus 10% student discount. Now although these leggings look gorgeous I would recommend leggings in general for uni. Especially for those days when you're hating life and want to just curl up on your bed. However the reason I did pick out these ones is again is because they could get many wears dressed up and down.

5.) M&S- wool blend coat. £89 no student discount sadly. However it is always worth splurging a bit of dollar on a decent coat. This coat doesn't hug the figure allowing you to layer up. The fur adds the perfect class to it. A perfect way to spend £89 to me. 

6.) New look - floral print fan skirt. £9.99 10% student discount. I adore vintage floral prints (don't judge) A tube skirt can also be versatile. Perfect for a night out or for maybe a day at uni where you fancy making a little more effort. I can see me wearing this in quite a slouchy way, with a baggy top, tights and boots. 

7.) New look - basic white v-neck £6.99 10% student discount. This basic is one of those uni must haves! you can style a white top in countless ways! If this was me for a casual day at uni I would style this with some boyfriend jeans, or on a night out with some wetlook leggings. The v-neck is meant to be complimenting for bigger chested woman.

8.) Schuh - Low top converse £55 10% Student discount. If you're a fresher or go on lots of nights out in general and are not a 100% confident in heels. Go for some trainers. You can wear them however you like, and I find that converse are pretty robust. I have worn my red ones to death and they're still in pretty good shape. (had them going on three years I think...) If you are confident in heels. I am extremely jealous, and salute you. 

1.) Batiste dry shampoo (boots) £4.99 - pretty simple. We all have those days when we think our hair looks a little too greasy for the public to see.

2.) Vintage Cosmetic Company - CONNIE lashes £6. Most people like to get very glam for going out and the Vintage Cosmetic do some really decent re-usable lashes. So easy to put on too!

3.) Garnier Pure 3 in 1 wash (boots) £3.99. Uni stress causes a lot of people including myself to break out. So a 3 in 1 wash for this price sounds like a god-send. 

4.) Rimmel Colour Rush (boots) £5.99. For those nights out and Winter days to add a pop of colour. 

5.) No7 - Protect and Perfect (boots) £16.50. This foundation is incredible, doesn't really have a smell but completely covers any blemishes and imperfections, I would 100% recommend this. Especially when you have a bad break out.

6.) Botanics - face wipes (boots) £1.70. Face wipes in general are a life saver when you come in and you want to just get your make up off asap and get into bed. Who wants to mess around with make up remover and cotton pads when you can have it wiped off in seconds with these bad boys. Uni and life essential number 1! 

Well this post has been a mouthful and a half. I'm currently in a mad rush trying to get everything together to go back to uni tomorrow night, for my second year gah! not last minute at all heh heh heh... either way I hope this helps you all get ready to go back for uni, or if not uni, maybe just give you a few ideas and suggestions. Hope you're all well and stay classy ;) 

Morag x 


15 September, 2014

Summer Summary 2014 Part 2

Oh lord, Tinie Tempah you were every bit AMAZING! Shout out to my friend, Carlie, the birthday girl! Hope you had the best of times <3


'Work It Gull!'
'Trash Mondays are frickin' awesome'
'On behalf of the three of us, what lovely people there are in Brighton who made it an unforgettable night for us all!'
Ask Italian
'Is anyone good with heat? I challenge you to try out the Salciccia with added chilli's! As it turns
 out, I will never underestimate the adjectival word 'fiery' on a menu again!'
Bella Italia
 The Big Society
If a drink has Ferrero Rocher in it's title- I am there!
So there is my part 2! I love reading the responses that you guys write! It's interesting to see what everything thinks and what everyone is up to! Thank you for the supporting comments! Feel free to comment down below and tell me what you've been up to this summer or any future exciting plans ahead! I shall be back with some kind of uni-related post soon!
Lots of Love,

13 September, 2014

Summer Summary 2014 Part 1

'I can definitely see my dad becoming the next big star of a Baz Luhrmann Film'
'I am a defiant believer in first true loves...'
...And this sure was, after listening to those cheesy yet heartfelt speeches- Congratulations to my cousin Danielle and her new husband, Don! Sending my best wishes for great fortune and a long and prosperous life ahead together! X'

'Jellyfish is rather delicious'
'My name is Julie. I totally suck at bowling and I am proud of it! - WARNING do not come near me when ball is in hand! I have absolutely no idea....literally! D: '
'Cheer up buddy, things will look up for you...'
 'Ah rich blue skies'
'What an incredible bunch of people who I had the pleasure of working with at the Oxford Store! Love you all!'
'Now do I use a fork and knife or simply delve in with my fingertips? Stay classy as Morag would say ;)' 
I love a good bit of reminiscing. I would love to hear what you lovely readers have been up to this summer! I shall be back with a part 2 and if you fancy checking out my last year's 'My Summer Summary' post then feel free to click here: http://junkjournal100.blogspot.co.uk/2013/09/my-summer-summary.html
Hope you're all well!
Lots of Love,


03 September, 2014

A Sentimental Goodbye

ASOS Dress 
Republic Long Sleeve Top
Monki Holographic Necklace 
Converse Trainers
I am writing this now with hours to go till my sister moves out and two days till I indeed follow in the footsteps of me big sis ;') - what a momentous moment! But seriously, I feel the sentiment coming along and whilst heading to university in London seems scarily exciting, I have not packed or mentally prepared for this! Secret life of students on Channel 4 has had quite the impact too! Anyhow, I am definitely going to miss a hell of a lot from this bloody amazing place! Especially the great old ones like M (Morag) ;)...just gonna give a massive shout out to the amazing photos she took above! Will miss ya dear chum :')

P.S We've done a slight revamp on the blog header, what do you guys think?

Lots of Love