22 September, 2014

My New Room.

Hello again me lovelies,
so I am now back in Southampton, and as a little update I thought I would share with you, my new room. I love it, and I'm so not used to the comfort of a double bed! I also sadly do not have wifi at the mo either. So this means I am currently sponging of my friends Internet! yayyy! :) It is the scariest thing, moving into a house, such a big step compared to my last year of uni. Bills, council tax, and rent are the scariest things! I feel so grown up! and to add to all this sudden change, I decided to get half my hair hacked off!! I felt like a change and therefore asked for more off than usual! I tell you I am appreciating saving money on shampoo and conditioner as well! Short hair is just so much easier sometimes :)

hope you all have a great week ahead, I hope to blog again soon :)

Morag x