10 November, 2014

A Series Of Fortunate Events In London

Makes me wanna play the parachute game from primary school! Anyone getting that vibe? ;)



Happy Halloween! (P.s So far you might be able to guess that I love acknowledging ceiling tops- they're pretty 'top' notch I would say ;)) 

Salmon and cream cheese bagel and a white macchiato- Yes please!

Blimey that orange is seriously cramping that mannequin's style ;)

Went to listen to the 'I've Never Seen Star Wars' comedy chat, hosted by Marcus Brigstocke- wonderful stuff!

Statue of Sherlock Holmes

Great night thanks to Rebecca! Wiz Khalifa, you ma man! ;)

Yeeee exciting moment


Let me know how all y'all October/Start of November is going! Sorry if I'm sounding a little hyped up- so much uni work is making me a tab bit delirious!

Lots O Love