16 December, 2014

BLOGMAS DAY 16: Cooking My First Christmas Dinner (with Sean)

So as you can probably see, so many Christmas dinners. Also don't worry, I 100% did not eat all of that :P SO FULL. The reason both me and Sean did this was because we wanted to see if we could cook a Christmas dinner by ourselves. (We both have always had someone else make it for us.) We probably made enough to feed a small family of 9... (and we were on a budget - Thank you ASDA for discounting pork joints at the right moment) 
This was so fun though! and worth every single moment of preparation! Ngl there were times when I wanted to tear it out the oven and just eat it. My fault for not eating much all day... but the smells coming from the oven would make anyone hungry!
Anyway it was fabulous and I can't wait to be the one who one day cooks my Mum the Christmas Dinner :) 

How is Tuesday treating everyone? UNDER 10 DAYS NOW :D 
Morag x