30 July, 2014

A is for Arbitrariness (outfit post)



MIND 'A' top
PRIMARK oriental jumpsuit
ZARA pink/red bag
R&B Converse star player EV
H&M white sunglasses

 This outfit came together and I don't even know how.
 I am clearing out my wardrobe, though stop as I grasp hold of these two items- one accidentally has been slipped inside the other. The two items which ,some how, I found already conjoined, are the 'A' top and £5 oriental jumpsuit that are displayed in this post! And I'm so glad I saved these both to try out and style! I wanted to play on the regimented school-y structure, but make the persona seem very playful, casual and fun. A girl at college who doesn't take life too seriously.
Hope you are all having a great summer so far!

27 July, 2014

23 July, 2014

Cheers To A Great Night Out!


 So I eventually went to see 22 Jump Street at the cinema with a few friends, which was absolutely hilarious- Jonah Hill with his stand-up poetry and Channing Tatum's undercover Mexican voice cracks me up every time!! If you have not seen this, check out the trailer IMMEDIATELY! You will love it! We then headed to Slug and Lettuce for some tasty food. Though it was admittedly hard to keep myself looking civilised whilst I was subtly ,yet not so subtly, jabbing into this hard and slightly over-baked explosion- it quite literally is called a cookie cup explosion! Haha! But I pulled through ;) and hit the clubs with Pascale and Anna! Woo!

Peace out!



20 July, 2014

TRUCK Festival:

One of the best weekends of my life. Great festival, great music, great friends. 

14 July, 2014

10 July, 2014

Fairy Tales and Silver Ice-cream

Me and my sister, Lisa (left) in the car...
 Pitt stop at TK Maxx!
Quick stop for a Chai Latte and Mint, Green Tea Cooler

Settled down with food from our brief shop at Sainsbury's for a long night of watching films!
 Magnum is celebrating 25 years with Silver Champagne Ice-Cream :O
 I am in love!
With many of this season's catwalks focusing on 'spellbinding story tell', it got me thinking: 'What would my dream fairy-tale dress look like?' And indeed it would, and did, come at a price- this dusky rose, marbled dress with the most delicate and feminine of slashes is far from a 'rip off', with the such fine, incredible detail justifying the price! Though the price-tag ,with a RRP of around £1000 ,and, now on sale for £300, was still way out of my budget by miles! So,for now, changing room snaps will happily provide the memoir of this once upon a time fairy-tale dress!
Have a lovely day,

04 July, 2014

Sister Takeover: A Max Factor Review!

Here's another take-over post of mine!  Check out my last year's: http://junkjournal100.blogspot.co.uk/2013/08/holi-festival-of-colours-outfit-ft-my.html
So... I decided to treat myself to some Max Factor products at Boots which included 2 free goodies featured in a promotional gift when you spend over £15!
Rating: 2/5
I've heard so much hype surrounding this mascara- being a cheaper alternative in enhancing short Asian eyelashes. Although, it's practically clump-free and holds a curl, in my opinion, it does nothing for lengthening and volume. I recommend it as a day-time mascara for those casual days!
Rating: 5/5
A lip product that I LOVE. It can complete a glamorous look ( ft Mac viva glam I shown below ) and at the same time can appear as a cute youthful tint on the lips. Its buildable, blend-able and glides on like a dream.

My opinion: purple is the new black, especially for you brown eyed girls. The pigmentation is great, and it is one of the easiest liquid eyeliners to apply. It is long lasting, to a point... as specks start to fall after a long hot summers day, so prime those eyelids!
Rating: 4/5
So it claims to be a 3-in-1: primer, concealer and foundation...and I agree! As it says, lasts all day and provides a natural, semi-matte finish to the skin. Although, the formula is quite runny and so I would recommend using a brush, unless you want your fingers to be as 'flawless' as your face!
Peace and Love,
Sister Lisa

02 July, 2014

Spread your Wings and Fly with a Cat-eye



Sunglasses: ASOS
Top: Mind
Skirt: ASOS
Boots: Boohoo
Necklace: Zante
Bracelet: Miss Selfridge
Bag: Zara 

 It's really odd to think how, in basically two months, I'll be off to Uni in London! These months are going to fly by so quickly, cue my cheesy post title: Spread your Wings and Fly with a Cat-eye! ;)
I bought these shades in fact last summer (check it out a post on it here: http://junkjournal100.blogspot.co.uk/2013/08/holiday-prep-haul.html)
So to soak up all of Oxfordshire's goodness before I leave, I decided I would do what I love doing most- go for a jolly good ol' walk in the sun! Oh and drop by my most-visited-as-a-child park! Guys I won't lie, I had the most amazing time riding on those sit 'n spins and hitting those climbing structures! Totally a kid at heart! ;)

Hope all is well,