08 April, 2015


You can tell me and Julie are struggling at the moment, as we both haven't found the time to blog. 

I really love blogging, I love it for many reasons: sharing my passion for things, connecting with people, and just expressing myself. However I have let myself down recently and not organised my time as well as I could, and it has left me stressed.

The plus side is, I am half way through my Easter break and I am so happy I came home to the full three weeks. Numerous reasons have made me happy, for instance having a decent size desk to work from is actually the bee's knees! Also I hadn't seen my family and friends from home in over 10 weeks! and it was starting to get to me. Not having to plan how strictly I spend my money at home is also a big relief.

Anyway I feel a lot better and less stressed, no late hand ins for me! I've got this! and I feel so much better now I'm getting lots of work done, and also making sure I take time to see my friends who I have missed. 

SOOOO I have a few tips for staying stress free as I know it's getting to exam/hand in time for most people too!